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Colorful Pride Lgbt Rainbow Path





Rainbow community members in Aotearoa will soon be able to jump online to find doctors who are friendly and well-informed when it comes to meeting their health needs.

We now have a prototype database focusing on Christchurch practitioners

Join us on this journey and follow us on our social media below

Need Help Now?

Need Help Now?

We understand that you may need some help before we are up and running so here are some links to other organisations that may be able to help

Pride Month Lines Concept

this organisation provides advocacy, support and information for transgender, intersex and takatapui people.

this is a great resource which provides mental health support for rainbow people including a free, confidential phone number and online chat support service and specialist video counselling.

Call OutLine on 0800 OUTLINE

(0800 688 5463), or access their chat service, between

6pm and 9pm.

this group has a great list of organisations for anyone seeking help including Māori, refugee and migrant, Pacifica and South Asian people.

Amber Jones


Co-founder & CEO

Completing BTchLn(Primary)

Nat Young


Co-founder & R&D Lead

Completing MHealSc & BSN

About us

About us

From our research 36% of rainbow identifying Kiwi's avoid going to the doctor due to a fear of violence or discrimination.

They also tend to experience worse health outcomes than the general population.

We don't think this is good enough so we created prism

Prism is a searchable database of healthcare providers. This includes anyone from a GP to a therapist or even a podiatrist. Once you've seen a professional you are able to use our website to give feedback which can be used to suggest inclusive providers to others nationwide and find issues within the system.

Prism is confidential and free for individuals to use removing barriers to access.

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We have a survey you can complete to help us with market research here or trial our prototype database here

Want to help?

Want to help?

We have another survey available for care providers to fill, just flick us an email!

We would also love to hear from you if there are any particularly good providers in your area and what they do via email

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and follow our social media to keep up to date with us

Want to know more or get in touch regarding Prism

We would love to hear from you!

Contact Us

Contact Us


Feel free to email us at